Welcome to Water Polo University

Water Polo University is a fully online e-learning platform for water polo players and coaches. From learning the fundamental skills of swimming, passing, and shooting (& more!) to expanding your knowledge of when and how to use each water polo training drill - we've got you covered.

Fundamental Skills

Water polo is a difficult sport and there are many skills to master. From learning how to stay afloat using the eggbeater kick, to understanding how to mark an opposing player, or to play the foul, all the fundamentals are online. Through high quality video tutorials, diagrams and information, you can learn at your own pace. Each skill links in with the FINA rules, explaining where skills and positions fall under the rules.

Coaching Drills

Maybe you're an Olympic coach, or maybe you're a parent who has been thrown into the role of coaching a team of 14 year olds. Whichever you are, you still need all the drills, all the time. With over 100 drills available, you can watch high quality video of how to run each drill, sample instructions, difficulty ratings and the breakdown of which drills are useful for which players.

Training & Session Plans

Running a training session? No worries. Simple add your favourite drills to a drill list and export to PDF, print and bring to the pool. Beautiful plans with the work done for you. Sick of paper? Even better - watch the drill lists on your smartphone (Internet connection required) as you perform them poolside.

share with your team

Every coach account has the ability to share favourite drills and drill lists with your team if they have a WPU account. Seek feedback from players on how they found the drills, and what they would like more of.

Built in Australia

We can't guarantee you'll become a world champion, but if you follow the tutorials and watch the videos, you'll have a better understanding of the game, and be able to practice with confidence. We're a Sydney-based company, Australian run and owned. We run water polo clubs ourselves, and understand what works for players across our state. We think it work for you too.

we believe in learning using technology - and learning at your own pace. we know that water polo can be hard, and the skills are often difficult to master without seeing examples.

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